About Forwarding the Faith

Forwarding the Faith is a radio broadcast dedicated to the proclamation of the Word of God and the glory of Jesus Christ. In these days when neutrality, compromise, and apostasy are endeavoring to make inroads into many churches and Christian organizations, it is not a time for the change of vision, message, standard, or principle; it is a time to simply Forward the Faith.

The speaker for Forwarding the Faith is Dr. H. T. Spence, pastor and president of the Foundations Ministries. This 15-minute program presents a message from God's Word from second-generation leadership that is desiring to maintain the biblical integrity and legacy of true separatist, fundamentalist preaching. May these broadcasts bless your heart as you listen to Forwarding the Faith.

About the Speaker

Hubert Talmadge Spence II was named after his grandfather, Bishop Hubert T. Spence, well known as an outstanding minister of the gospel in many parts of the world. He is the first of three children of Dr. O. Talmadge Spence and Dr. Joye Spinny Spence. His educational background includes six earned degrees in the area of Christian education, history, and theology. He was the first to receive the Doctor of Theology degree from Foundations Graduate School, which is the strongest ministerial degree possible in the academic circles of Christian education.

Dr. H. T. Spence took over the pastorate and presidency of Foundations Bible Collegiate Church and College in 1999, after a terminal illness necessitated the resignation of the founder, his father, Dr. O. Talmadge Spence. He had served as the vice president and associate pastor since 1980. Dr. H. T. Spence has been a teacher for over thirty-five years in the areas of Bible, history, and theology. For over twenty-five years he has taught the Philosophy of Contemporary Music course at Foundations Bible College. Presently he also teaches courses in theological studies and the Old and New Testament.

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